From Layers, Fades, Tapers, Beards, Facials & Color.
We provide Freshee’s for every human.

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Just as you imagined.

Where texture, style and blend strike a perfect balance. Often, what gives a style authenticity is the one who is behind the style-its-maker-and its finish, its touch. an authentic haircut isn’t “of” the moment” or too contrived. its simply something inspires you.”

When you find the perfect person, nothing else will do. perfection comes from the trust and quality I provide that is impossible to replicate.

Unmatchable. One-of-a-kind just for you.


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Looking for your next and last barber?

Lookin’ Freshee!
Located in Northridge, CA, The Freshee, was founded by Benz Zamora. Simplicity in creativity is the inspiration of his work. Combining his expertise in barbering and passion for art, The Freshee is an exclusive one barber studio that provides classic and modern hairstyles. The Freshee is committed to giving high quality experiences and ensuring that all clients look and feel good.

Above: To the right, Benz Zamora with his 2 recent awards in the 2019 MLB Westcoast  Barber Battle in San Diego, CA.

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8700 Reseda Blvd. Ste 104, Northridge, CA 91324